autumn/winter 2014-15

We’ve been warned. We’ve been warned by Magdalawit Makonnen, in her stunning poem “Ricochet,” that the act of writing is as disarming as it is clarifying. The poems in this edition of Chaparral explore topics with immeasurable charm. From Julio Quezada’s “Sunday morning falling between bed sheets of precarious strangers” to Glen Collins’ “webs of cottondust.” The writers here take the helm with an unabashed authority and face life’s perplexities on the page.

Ariel KusbyAbstract Art

Ariel Kusby

Michael VafaProof of Love
For Kevin

Michael Vafa

Sara Khayattom bradley international terminal
(Be)coming Clean

Sara Khayat

Phil TaggartInterview with Phil Taggart

Phil Taggart

Julio QuezadaSaudade Machine
Temple St. Scene

Julio Quezada

James BezerraFive Thoughts I Had at the Museum
Kafka Can’t Cross a Street

James Bezerra

Glenn CollinsCalifornia Wildflower

Glenn Collins

George FekarisAn Information Agency Manifesto
Hand with Reflecting Globe

George Fekaris

Jen ShardaIpanema And Copacabana

Jen Sharda

Michelle DonahuePreformism II
the pantoum of ORTHOGENESIS

Michelle Donahue

Changming YuanPersonality Programmed

Changming Yuan

F. Albert SalinasSpan-gin
Watch him fall forever

F. Albert Salinas

Richard LevineOn Balance

Richard Levine

Miguel NohBottles

Miguel Noh

Magdalawit MakonnenRicochet

Magdalawit Makonnen

M. Nasorri PavoneAn Essay at Refusal
A Request for It to Always Appear Accidental

M. Nasorri Pavone

Joelle HannahDare to Dream

Joelle Hannah

Holly DayThe Pickle Shelves

Holly Day

Jay M. MowerDozing through the French Revolution
Altered State

Jay M. Mower

Don ThompsonBreaking Down

Don Thompson

Bruce BagnellListening
Going to the store

Bruce Bagnell