summer 2009

Welcome to the summer noir issue of Chaparral. Atmospheric, elegiac, and always courting mystery, the writings featured here are redefining this LA trope in new ways. The subjects of these pieces—grief, hair-loss, war, sex, a clarinet—are, at times, focused literally on the color black, other times, only dark in tone. Moving beyond noir’s typical female victim or femme fatale, this issue, predominately made up of women writers, presents a range of tones and modes. “A vowel rises like a fat crow,” writes Marsha de la O. And the pieces below, too, rise—touching noir’s toughened sense of alienation and making their own, very current, departures.

Marsha de la O 2009Blue & Lonely
Now You Say You’re Sorry
Why’s it Always Fatboys

Marsha de la O 2009

Maggie NelsonInterview with Maggie Nelson

Maggie Nelson

Dinah LenneyObject Parade: Little Black Dress

Dinah Lenney

Lynne ThompsonParadelle: East of the Sun

Lynne Thompson

David ScronceIris
Letter From the Ledge

David Scronce

Judith PachtLucanus Cervus

Judith Pacht

Leilani HallThe Hair Loss, Peru 1997

Leilani Hall

Lorene Delany-UllmanPapier-mâché

Lorene Delany-Ullman

Ashlyn MorseDream 1979

Ashlyn Morse

Catherine DalyNyx

Catherine Daly

Gail WronskySomeone Greeting You From Afar
Domestic Animals

Gail Wronsky