summer 2012

Pinafores and laundry blowing on a line. Chinese food and Ocean Avenue. A voice like a broken record player. A Father’s shadow growing large as a house. Welcome to the imagined world—where the everyday stuff of life is rearranged, pieced out, zoomed in on, so that we might be able to see a little more clearly.

Rocío CarlosA Maimed Sparrow
Corona Avenue

Rocío Carlos

John McKernanMy Father Would Wake & Walk
Wavy Tire Skids

John McKernan

Sharon VenezioPsychology 402: Brain and Behavior
Family Album

Sharon Venezio

Julie NgoIt’s Time

Julie Ngo

Martin PoussonEl Salvador

Martin Pousson

Marsha de la OChinese Lantern

Marsha de la O

Lin BenedekOcean Avenue
What To Live For

Lin Benedek

Marjorie BeckerSuddenly the Future
He brought her grapes,
Since Anything Can Always Always

Marjorie Becker

Michal LembergerIn Praise Of An Ordinary Man
Agave, Aloe, Manzanita

Michal Lemberger

Micah HalesScribble, Scrabble, Sniffle, Tattle
The Plum Tree

Micah Hales

Jerry GarciaDesert Moon

Jerry Garcia