Now You Say You’re Sorry

There’s a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do
Sly & Robbie

Hark, hark, the dogs do bark
Desperate Tony’s come to town


At the edge
where disbelief wells up
where blocks of warehouses mutate
into identical stucco boxes—Palm Court
nailed to a blank face
the methman cometh

when the hurly-burly starts off Victory
nobody waiting for the midnight hour
the dark not juvenile
the methman cometh

like a rat without a tail
a whistling flail
a monster in a mansuit, tools in his pocket
the methman cometh

takes the stairs two at a time
pounding the door

and the threshing begins

and I am the wheat, cold and naked but not innocent


Wish I may, wish I might
Crawl inside this plant tonight

creation empty but for me an’ a
dying philodendron       still breathing
mossy breath cool on my bruise-eye
exhaling damp languor   dark
droplets    green smell of rain
close your eyes, girl, close your eyes

Wish List
a. to hide a hundred years inside this sugar shack
b. chlorophyll transmigration
c. verde, que te quiero…


Naked as we are all naked before a gun

In the end Tony’s the only one who can still run,
holding his head a globe of red
and his teeth salted the blacktop
and the chain link trembled
and the trash bins gaped—
clutching a dozen roses he ran
his bouquets becoming fountains
his fountains, rivers

I cried a river 4 U

Chloroform moon wades a culvert

(He thought it would be fun,thought Kubla Khan decreed it special for him and his girl,his own pleasure dome where Meth,the sacred river,ran through caverns measureless to man)


A vowel rises like a fat crow
tea-kettle of tar
noir wings flapping O
O, utmost sound
in the beginning is O       before
words escape
words vault for the walls
tumble to the carpet

green shag floor of hell

I am the wheat, cold and naked

he’s killing me  KILLING ME

fellow inmates listening
through walls paper thin

water grieving over rubble, water grieving in the reeds

Box of bristle
chipped tin box where he keeps a grimace
mega-what chemical impulse
magicks a gun into his yes hand  Take off your clothes    Ladonna’s gonna watch
all of us holding our gaze very careful
nobody knows for sure who’s born to die
in the middle of LA tonight

and I am the wheat, cold and naked but not innocent
my skin seared and paper thin    slowgrind on scared skin

ashes, ashes, we all fall down


I know the rats are involved in what I know

fellow inmates, we are pent
we are furrowed, scythed, flailed   we are spent
my fellow inmates we are winnowed                 we are threshed

we are the wheat

the rats are involved

do- si-do of throwing blows
chock a block
until the whole thing moves like a swarm of bees
down the stairs      onto the street
where Tony gets his tire iron       nothing reasonable about Tony
no limits to force     a tire iron in his hand is carnival
the wildest ride         pure sunshine

green algae-bloom moon splashes through the LA River

you say you’re lonely     you cry the whole night through
close your eyes, girl
it’s over
I’m over it

So Los Angeles, come on
and cry me a concrete spillway
cuz I cried
a   grimy   river