spring/summer 2011

The poems in this issue of Chaparral center around betrayal and politics, marriage and race, and the earth’s very terrain. They are poems of the world. And they leave nothing out: not the pain, not the ecstasy, not the loving and the dying. It’s the risk and innovation and craft that allow the world come alive in these works—reminding us again, as Dana Levin so aptly says in the interview featured in this issue, that poetry is ultimately about “figuring out how to live life.”

Nicholas YB WongHappiness is Lucky

Nicholas YB Wong

Dana LevinConversation with Dana Levin

Dana Levin

Denise DuhamelCorny Love Poem
How does that make you feel?

Denise Duhamel

Brenda YatesHomo Genome, A Double Abecedarian
Analogous But Not Related
Love Tooth

Brenda Yates

Brynn CookThe Secret to Happiness

Brynn Cook

Jacob BladeEight inches of water on a dry lake bed – a sestina

Jacob Blade

Jacqueline HillFaded Kentucky Photograph

Jacqueline Hill

Brian DiamondAt the Rebbe’s Daughter’s Wedding
The Same Story
How to Invent Fire

Brian Diamond

Shawn SturgeonGolden Zone

Shawn Sturgeon